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Help shape future ServiceNow product experience!

Thank you for your interest in joining the ServiceNow Product Lab. Here's how it works.

Simply provide your name, work email address, and answer a few questions to tell us more about you and your ServiceNow experience. Next, you'll receive an email to confirm your work email address with a link to finish your registration. You will also be asked to electronically sign an NDA that promises you won't take any ServiceNow secrets and show them to people outside your company.

Once you're a Product Lab member, look for invitations to provide your feedback and opinions on different topic areas of that could lead to future ServiceNow improvements and innovations

Your work email address is needed to verify that you work for a current ServiceNow customer.


We value your privacy and the information you provide will be kept confidential. We'll only use this email address to notify you about participating in upcoming studies. You will never be solicited through this source and your personal information will not be released to any other companies or organizations.

The ServiceNow Product Lab is a research-based community that encourages a wide range of qualified users to provide feedback on how they use ServiceNow, and on new products, features, and user interface designs under development. This is an exciting opportunity for you to be an "insider" and help shape future ServiceNow concepts, functionality, and business offers while in development.